Monday, October 12, 2009


Posted Oct-12-09 09:05:14 PDT I am hoping to help a friend, George Rossi out by posting this request to all of my Blogger community friends and cohorts. We have little time left in this competition and the next two weeks are crucial to Huck & Doo's survival in the cutest dog competition. So please go vote for Huckleberry and Doodle and keep these little doggies in the competition!!

What is this you ask? This is a cutest dog competition and EVERY vote counts!! You can go to their homepage @ and click on how to vote for Huck & Doo for instructions on how to vote. Next scroll down to the right side column where it says cutest dog competition; enter here. If you are not already registered, please do so. It's quick & very simple. Requires an email & a password that you create.

You will be voting for Huckleberry and Doodle [shih tzu from Skaneateles, NY]. It is very important that you search their full names & not the nicknames of Huck & Doo. Bookmark their homepage so you remember to vote daily. You can vote once a day, everyday, so PLEASE vote for these little doggies =)

If you vote for Huck & Doo please add a comment to this blog and let me know what number vote you were. This helps me to keep score on how many people I have helping me; help George =) Thank you in advance!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Looks Like Another Week of Chaos...

Well folks, here it is...again...Monday morning. Lately, I have grown to dislike Mondays. A lot!! And I'm usually pretty good about getting up early & going about my daily business. Not today. I just rolled out of bed around 9:40 and want nothing more than to crawl back under the covers and hide my head. Already I have taken five phone calls, one being from my lawyer. Not really the news I was hoping for, but I'll deal with whatever comes down the road. It seems like my attitude has shifted drastically from last week & while I was so sure that I could deal with my emotions, along comes heartbreak. Today I have calling hours; tomorrow a funeral. Not how anyone wants to start their week, but this is afterall, what we call life. And life happens not always as we plan, but nonetheless, it does happen.

I have so much on my mind lately that sometimes it is hard to stay focused on what really needs to get done. This week I need to register for fall classes, meet my Friday deadline, school shop, prep my taxes, birthday shop, go to appointments; I mean really, it just goes on and on. Definitely not enough hours in this week for me and yet here I sit in front of my computer, perplexed and not really caring at the moment. I almost feel like I am just going through the motions, and not really dealing with the emotions. Maybe that's a good thing; at least for today.

Maybe I will do double time at the gym tonight. After "fasting" for three days, I am actually feeling kind of hungry. Low on energy right now, but I am thinking that maybe some good will come out of this. To date, since the very beginning of July I have lost a total of 42 pounds & I am kicking ass and loving it! I get ridiculed by family & friends for my "crash diet" as they call it, but I really don't care as I am the one who is losing the weight. I feel better on so many levels. And when all is said and done, not only will I have a healthy body, but a healthy mind and that is most important to me...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Cards...

Sorry, but I am actually lacking ambition at this hour to post details; here are some pix of the latest cards I have made:

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Have you ever noticed gals who sit their handbags on public toilet floors, then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table?(Personally, I hung mine around my neck the last time I found there was no available hook.) Happens a lot!

It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress.. Sometimes "what you don't know will hurt you"!

Read on...

Mom got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their handbags down on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She always said that handbags are really dirty, because of where they have been.

It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may know what's inside our handbags, do you have any idea what's on the outside? Women carry handbags everywhere; from the office to public toilets to the floor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their handbags, but did you ever stop to think about where your handbag goes during the day.

"I drive a school bus, so my handbag has been on the floor of the bus a lot," says one woman. "On the floor of my car, and in toilets."

"I put my handbag in grocery shopping carts and on the floor of the toilet," says another woman "and of course in my home which should be clean."

We decided to find out if handbags harbor a lot of bacteria. We learned how to test them at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake, and then we set out to test the average woman's handbag.

Most women told us they didn't stop to think about what was on the bottom of their handbag. Most said at home they usually set their handbags on top of kitchen tables and counters where food is prepared.

Most of the ladies we talked to told us they wouldn't be surprised if their handbags were at least a little bit dirty.

It turns out handbags are so surprisingly dirty, even the microbiologist who tested them was shocked.

Microbiologist Amy Karen of Nelson Labs says nearly all of the handbags tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria. Pseudomonas can cause eye infections, staphylococcus aurous can cause serious skin infections, and salmonella and e-coli found on the handbags could make people very sick.

In one sampling, four of five handbags tested positive for salmonella, and that's not the worst of it. "There is fecal contamination on the handbags" says Amy. Leather or vinyl handbags tended to be cleaner than cloth handbags, and lifestyle seemed to play a role. People with kids tended to have dirtier handbags than those without, with one exception.

The handbag of one single woman who frequented nightclubs had one of the worst contaminations of all. "Some type of feces, or possibly vomit" says Amy.

So the moral of this story is that your handbag won't kill you, but it does have the potential to make you very sick if you keep it on places where you eat.

Use hooks to hang your handbag at home and in toilets, and don't put it on your desk, a restaurant table, or on your kitchen countertop.

Experts say you should think of your handbag the same way you would a pair of shoes.

"If you think about putting a pair of shoes onto your countertops, that's the same thing you're doing when you put your handbag on the countertops" -

Your handbag has gone where individuals before you have sneezed, coughed, spat, urinated, emptied bowels, etc!

Do you really want to bring that home with you?

The microbiologists at Nelson also said cleaning a handbag will help. Wash cloth handbags and use leather cleaner to clean the bottom of leather handbags.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Vick Reinstated?!!

Okay, so here I go again. I'm kind of on the back side of the fence with this one. There is no doubt that Michael Vick was one hell of a runner [quarterback], but what the hell is everyone thinking?! For those of you who may not remember, this man ran a dogfighting ring for a profit!! He and three other men participated in the killing of dogs that did not perform well in test fights by shooting, hanging, drowning or slamming them into the ground. What sick s.o.b. does that to an animal?!! I just don't see how the NFL can even consider reinstating him!! What the hell was Roger Goodell thinking when he made that decision?! Vick may have been a talent, but how do you let something like that slide?

I know many will disagree with me by saying that he paid his dues. What about the dead dogs? Do they not count because they are already dead?! There are some things in life you can let slide and it is acceptable, but this, this is definitely not acceptable. What kind of message is the NFL sending out to our younger generation? I mean, come on...these guys are supposed to be role models!! Sounds like somebody needs to get a clue!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Paying Respect to Those Who Deserve It!"

If you are reading this, stop and think about this one for a minute, will you?!!

Have you stopped to thank a veteran today? For the price of freedom they had to pay? Did you gaze into those distant eyes? Did you see the ghosts he can't deny? Did you think a soldier's heart was made of steel? Because he was trained to kill, he couldn't feel? Did you see the guilt written on his face, For the loss of life he can't replace? Did you know he mourns the lives he couldn't save, And walks with comrades in their grave? Did you remember the boy with innocence lost? Do you really know war's ultimate cost? Have you felt the blast of artillery fire? Do you have the courage it would require? Have you stood in trenches consumed with fear? Felt the enemies breath so very near? Have you walked with God on a battleground? Seen your brothers dead or dying all around? Have you stopped to thank a vet today, Or did you just turn and walk away? From the pain he'll carry for the rest of his life, Did you consider his family, his children, his wife? That watch him suffer in silence each and every day, As he's haunted by memories that don't go away? Did you care that the soldier is still pulling guard? That his heart, mind, and soul will forever be scarred? Do you know how he suffers from ptsd? Or that our precious freedom is never free? Do you care that he still hears the blood curdling screams? Or that he returns to the war each night in his dreams? Have you felt the sorrow of a combat vet? Or would you rather just forget? That war has pierced his hardened heart, And torn this soldier all apart? Would you rather our heroes just fade away? Or will you stop to thank a vet today?....